The workshop will present, demonstrate and give proficiency in “DepthSpace3D” – a new 3D Space Syntax analysis software, free for academic use. This new digital tool aims at increasing the range of possibilities concerning 3D analysis, which seems to have advantages over current 2D space syntax analysis, in cases such as, for example: rough altimetry of the ground in urban spaces; dynamic volumetric geometries (regarding size, configuration, elevation and interpenetration); and joint analysis of the interior of each building and the middle-scale urban environment, especially when there are high-rise buildings.

3D analysis may also be a powerful tool in formalizing the classical theoretical and  aesthetical concepts of architecture. With the help of small case studies, the workshop will focus on:

i) creation and edition of the 3D geometries of the spaces considered for analysis; ii) computation of space syntax measures in 3D space;

ii) visualization and interpretation of the results, both in graphic and numerical formats.



Participants should be practitioners or researchers with some familiarity with space syntax concepts, and preferably having previous practice of 2D space syntax software.



English. The tutorial monitoring of each student by the monitors can also be held in French and



Franklim Morais, PhD - Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Portugal

Catarina Ruivo, PhD candidate - Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.