Beyond the visual field: advances in thinking about and analysing space


*1 Bartlett School of Architecture


Its an overview of the advances in visibility graph analysis developed by Tasos Varoudis at UCL in the last couple of years. It is a proxy for an open discussion about visuo-spatial, tran-spatial and multi-dimensional thinking about space and how this complex scenarios can be analysed  systematically through advance computation.

Useful references:

Varoudis T., Penn A., 2015, Visibility, accessibility and beyond: Next generation visibility graph analysis. SSS10, London.

Varoudis T., Psarra S., 2014, ‘BEYOND TWO DIMENSIONS: Architecture Through Three-Dimensional Visibility Graph Analysis’, Journal of Space Synta

Dr Tasos Varoudis Dipl.-Ing MArch MSc DIC PhD TEE-TCG, is a professional architect and computing engineer with research focusing on hybrid architecture, computational analysis and interaction, long teaching experience with UCL, AA, NTUA and RCA and a number of international workshops (ACM CHI, Space Syntax Symposium, NTUA).

He leads the spatial and architectural computation for the Space Syntax Laboratory at the Bartlett School of Architecture where he develops methodological and computational innovations combining spatial and data-driven models with machine learning and agent-based models. He is the developer of 'depthmapX[net]' spatial network analyses software that has attracted more than 60000 downloads since its release in 2012. He is currently working on the first book on ‘Architecture and Interaction’ by Springer.