Metabolism and Intelligence for Future Cities in a Changed World

Michael Weinstock *1

*1 Architectural Association School of Architecture


Metabolism and Intelligence for future cities in a changed world - A long term interdisciplinary research agenda focused on the development of metabolic and intelligent urban infrastructures that interconnect buildings, cities and conurbations with a special focus on the evolution of adaptive and responsive systems of existing cities and on developing new paradigms for intelligent cities and settlements in extreme climates and ecological contexts.

Michael Weinstock, RIBA, FRSA

Architectural Association School of Architecture

Director of Research – 2009 to date

Director Emergent Technologies and Design - 2000 to date

Founder and Director of the Emergent Technologies and Design programme in the Graduate School of the Architectural Association. Over the last decade his published work has arisen from research into the dynamics, forms and energy transactions of natural systems, and the application of the mathematics and processes of emergence to cities, to groups of buildings within cities and to individual buildings. Whilst his principal research and teaching has been conducted at the Architectural Association, he has published and lectured widely, and taught seminar courses, studios and workshops on these topics at many other schools of Architecture in the UK and Europe, including Universities of Delft (TU), Rome (Romatre), Barcelona (Esarq, Elisava, Pompeo Fabra and IAAC), Vienna, Stuttgart and Istanbul; and in the United States at Berkeley, USC, Yale, Harvard and Rice, and at Calgary in Canada and Tokyo in Japan.


Academic Head of the School of Architecture 2006-9

appointed as the first Academic Head of the AA in 2006, with full responsibility for all academic aspects of the AA School of Architecture, from Foundation to Graduate School, including appointments of Lecturers and Tutors, Courses and Assessments, Undergraduate and Graduate programme.

Master of Technical Studies 1997 to 2009

Appointed 1997, responsible for strategy and pedagogy of all Technical aspects of the AA School of Architecture from Foundation to Graduate School

Diploma Master 1995-2000

Intermediate Master 1990 -1995