DepthSpace3D - a new digital tool for 3D space syntax analysis

Franklim MORAIS *1

*1 Escola Superior Artística do Porto


Space Syntax is a proven methodology in architectural and urban studies (A&US) that, as a very high ‘numerical calculus’ consuming app, can scarcely be of any use without the availability of IT tools. Nevertheless, the current available apps present limitations that prevent SS users to obtain deeper results in their case studies.

A main restriction derives from the fact that almost all current apps make only 2D analysis. And when 3D is present, it is limited to axial maps altimetry.  Although 2D is fairly sufficient in many cases, other situations demand 3D.

Although generalized 3D analysis is be the main feature of originality of the project, other features will be present, like an included editor for a generative grammar that can expand the Space Syntax lexicon to be used. Even if the intention is not to discuss Space Syntax paradigms, some fundamental concepts need revision in 3D, such as viewed / viewing spaces and interior / exterior space, so contributing to a better formalization of Space Syntax.

After innovation, enablement will be the second strong word of the project. It will provide a large community with an improved tool, whose use can generate a not negligible impact in Space Syntax studies. The academic and non-commercial community will be prayed to download the DepthSpace3D app and use it at will.