call for workshops

By this present open call, the organization of the symposium invites researchers, professionals, designers and industry practitioners to propose and organize workshops in the scope of the 5th International Formal Methods in Architecture Symposium.

Workshops aim at building an insightful discussion on relevant topics of Formal Methods applied to Architecture within the topics of the Symposium, as well as having new research being shown and tested. Workshops’ chairs have an opportunity to share their current research and practical development experiences and for participants attending the workshops should be an opportunity to obtain theoretical and hands-on experiences on emerging formal methods topics for architecture.

For more information, please have a closer look at the symposium's purpose and topics.

Workshop proposals should be submitted via GOOGLE FORMS until the 1st of February and follow the following guidelines:


Proposals must include the following data:

- Goal of the workshop proposal (max 200 words)

- Program of the workshop proposal (max 400 words)

- Expected outcomes of the workshop (max 200 words)

- Logistic requirements for the workshop to run


The proposals should consider that workshop’ tutors will not be paid by the 5FMA organization but they are offered a free registration to the 5FMA (without paper presentation).


Proposals will be evaluated taking into consideration: (a) the relevance of the topic regarding the Symposium theme, (b) the experience of the tutors, (c) the workshop goal, program and outcomes, (d) the logistic and technical feasibility of the proposal.


The symposium will use the English language. All interventions, papers and other oral or written communications will be held in English.
Some workshops will also have the possibility of tutoring in other languages.


5th Symposium “Formal Methods in Architecture”

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