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The 6 th International Symposium on Formal Methods in Architecture will be held at ETSA-Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (Technical University School of Architecture), Universidad de A Coruña (ETSA-UDC), in Galiza (Spain), between the 24 th and the 27 th of May 2022. The symposium will focus on scientific fields whose areas of application use methodologies that stem from the mathematical and computer sciences, especially those that have witnessed recent developments. The call for abstracts will open next 15th of Abril (2021) and it will beclosed at the 30 th of November (2021). We welcome abstract submissions between this period!

scientific fields

Abstracts can address the following topics:

Collection of information, such as:
Tracking and mapping methods;
Biometric sensing of users.

Semantic organization of information, such as:
Ontologies for the built environment;
GIS-Geographic Information Systems;
BIM-Building Information Model / VDC-Virtual Design and Construction.

Syntactically and semantically formal languages, such as:
Shape grammars;
Machine learning processes;
Cellular automata.

Representation, visualization and interaction, including:
CAD and BIM;
Mixed Realities;
Photogrammetry and 3D scan;
Human-computer interaction;
Computer vision.

Architectural design automation, such as:
Shape grammars;
Artificial intelligence tools.

Urban and building performance analysis, such as:
Environmental analysis;
Multi-criteria analysis;
Flow and crowd analysis;
Space Syntax;

SCAVA-Space Configuration, Accessibility and Visibility Analysis;
Convex and Solid Void Analysis;
Agent-based design.

Automated manufacturing and construction, such as:
Digital fabrication, CAM;
3-4-5D BIM.

Active management of the built environment, such as;
Participatory urbanism;
Smart buildings and smart cities;
Facility Management and 6D BIM.


lenght of papers and presentations


final paper
500/750 words 4000/5000 words 20min

presentation standards for papers

- Authors should follow the attached template and all the included rules.
- Papers should not be larger than 5000 words (should be uploaded at the easychair platform in .doc format).
- For issues not addressed herein, follow APA style.

All papers must present original research, and must not have been previously published. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes and the official language of the conference is English.


We are required to obtain agreements and warranties from all the participants in the Symposium, regarding:

-The authors agree with shared copyright of papers presented in the 5th International Symposium Formal Methods in Architecture. Acceptance includes giving permission to publish the paper(s) in the conference proceedings, published in paper and/or electronically.

-Each author warrants that the paper is his/her author's original work. If excerpts from copyrighted works, figures, diagrams, photographs, trademarks or other any other materials are included, the author must obtain written permission from the copyright owners and credit the sources in the manuscript.

-The author also warrants that the paper describes genuine research or review work, contains no defamatory or unlawful statements and does not infringe the rights of others. The organization of the Symposium may assign any or all of its rights and obligations under this agreement.

-If the work was prepared jointly, the author agrees to inform co-authors of the terms of the agreement and to sign on their behalf.

All participants agree in giving permission to the organization of the Symposium to publicize and publish all the photos, voice and image recordings taken during the symposium activities.

Please confirm your agreement by signing and returning the document via email


copyright license agreement


paper template



The symposium will use the English language. All interventions, papers and other oral or written communications will be held in English.
Some workshops will also have the possibility of tutoring in other languages.


5th Symposium “Formal Methods in Architecture”

ESAP, Lg. S. Domingos, 80, 4050-545 PORTO

Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Universidade da Coruña