call for papers

By this present open call, the organization of the symposium appeals to the submission of proposals of abstracts, for posterior development of papers on research and/or professional practice, on which formal methods, targeted to Architecture and Urbanism, are prominent. The conference will appreciate hybridisation and fusion between formal methods and new perspectives contributing to complement different approaches from formal methods and even semi-formal and/or informal ones.

For more information, please have a closer look at the symposium's purpose and topics.



The symposium will use the English language. All interventions, papers and other oral or written communications will be held in English.
Some workshops will also have the possibility of tutoring in other languages.


5th Symposium “Formal Methods in Architecture”

ESAP, Lg. S. Domingos, 80, 4050-545 PORTO

ISTAR-IUL, Av. Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal